Saturday, August 23, 2008


Well now. I'm gratified. This blog has received an award from Kate at Dating God, who was one of the instigators of my life in cyberspace. I found her blog way before I started mine and remember spending several rainy afternoons reading through the archives, hooked. She writes with courage and honesty about beginings and endings, about waking up and trying to live out her purpose, telling it like it is through the highs and lows. I've followed her progress from New York to North Carolina. I can't imagine not keeping up with her - and the cats of course.

The idea is that recipients in turn nominate seven blogs. Rules are made to be broken, I know, but I haven't linked much recently and it seems a good thing to do at this point, for all sorts of reasons.

I'm not going for any of the blogs on my blogroll. It would be impossible to choose some and leave out others. So here are seven excellent sites that I visit regularly mainly, but not exclusively, as a lurker rather than a commenter:

Life on Earth and other Accidents: LJ used to blog regularly but then life happened in a big, painful, way and she stopped. Happily, she's started again. She has a big heart, a keen eye and a nice line in irony. She lives in Nova Scotia. And, heaven knows, she writes so well.

The Sudanese Thinker: By Drima, an expatriate Sudanese whose blog is a mixture of African and international cultural and political comment, interspersed with videos of his favourite music. He tackles controversial subjects with civility and acceptance, and nearly all the commenters seem to follow his lead, more or less. Besides, any blogger with the phrase "Warning: I'm very sarcastic." in the About section has already won me over.

Patteran Pages: Dick Jones's blog. Dick is a terrific poet, with wide interests that are reflected in his writing, both poetry and prose. I love his work.

The Paris Project: Can't remember how I found Jenell. An American Christian anthropology professor in her thirties with a feminist outlook and three young sons, we seem to have little in common, but she's a fixture on my Bloglines subscription. She questions and celebrates life and her faith with a sharp, open mind and a light touch.

Astrotabletalk: One of the best astrology blogs around, taking the subject far deeper than many. Dharmaruci has strong Buddhist leanings and is an excellent and thoughtful writer.

Nothing Special: Never was a blog so inaccurately named! Janice's beautiful artwork makes this a calm and reflective place to visit. Companion blogs are her Zen Diary and the Reading Diary. She doesn't post often but it's worth the wait when she does.

Tasting Rhubarb: I've read Jean's blog on and off ever since the start of its first incarnation, when we were almost-neighbours in South London. Like Kate, her example was one of the reasons I started this blogging business. She combines words with beautiful, subtle photography to create an art form out of the raw material of her daily life.

No pressure on any of the recipients to take this forward if you're not in the mood or it's just not your thing. But if you are mentioned (or even if you're not) and you feel like doing a spot of awarding, then pick up the badge and go for it.


Dick said...

I'm very honoured, mm! Thank you. I shall notify the next magnificent seven.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! And I loved your choice of blogs, too; most were new to me and all have enlivened a slow day.

Enjoy your award - you deserve it!


Sky said...

oh, goodie - i will enjoy reading these new blogs. thanks for the links. :)

Janice said...

Like Dick, I too thank you for the honour of mentioning my blog. My next magnificent group will more than likely by three rather than seven

by the way, "Nothing Special" is the title of a book written by one of my teachers - Charlotte Joko Beck. She speaks of ordinary things and everyday incidents and leads us to the special "no thing" of Zen tradition. I should probably acknowledge that reference in the heading on the banner.

mm said...

Dick: You're welcome!

Jan: Thanks. Glad you like them

Sky: Happy reading :-)

Janice: You're also welcome. And I should have guessed that there was a good reason behind the name .....

Jean said...

Gosh. Thank you. :-)

mm said...

Jean: You're welcome ....