Thursday, October 2, 2008


Northamptonshire two weeks ago, South Wales for a massage training this coming weekend. At the end of next week the train to the North of England for a few days break with an old friend and former work colleague.

This is the first time since the move that I have travelled further afield than Bristol or Cardiff. The globetrotting days are largely over but in the future it should still be possible to walk in the Welsh mountains or take the National Express coach to London to stay with N for a few days, or even visit Birmingham (never been!).Or do some conservation volunteering. Or rent out the house and go to India for a year.

Or, most daring of all, catch the local bus and spend ten days with these people ...


Each day the mind climbs into its hamster wheel and runs and runs. Uncertain, draining times. I need to bite the bullet and ask difficult questions when I return to work briefly next week. One way or another, hard decisions need to be taken.


Repeating patterns. The older I get the more they are apparent. When I switch on the news. In my own life. The work. The addictions, greater and lesser. Loves chosen and rejected. The supposed free choices made.

Maybe real freedom is simply to know this, to understand, and with this knowledge to move into the unknown.

Time to go to work.


Dale said...

Maybe real freedom is simply to know this, to understand, and with this knowledge to move into the unknown.

Oh, what a beautiful and wise post. Thank you. Yes, I think if freedom is anywhere, it's there, in seeing clearly and in choosing something we don't know over something we do.

Dick said...

Dale beat me to it! Dead right. That's where it's at.

I'm finding the output from and communication between older (and it's a wide spectrum!) bloggers enormously valuable.

herhimnbryn said...

Yes! Where you are is where IT is.

Want to come over for a cuppa?

leslee said...

Life doesn't turn out the way we thought it would, no? Go with grace, mm.

mm said...

Dale: Ah, just because I write these things does not mean I necessarily do oothem. Aspirations rather than accomplishments.

Dick: Thank you. Me too.

HHB: I am coming over. Warm the pot.

Leslee: Thank you. It certainly doesnt!