Thursday, April 30, 2009


There were moments during the seminar when the heart began to pound and the eyes welled. Just being present, sensing the rusty cogs in the brain creak and groan with effort, was moving and exciting. Blame the euphoria on our lecturer - a grey haired, affable man, dauntingly intelligent. He wove ideas and concepts into a magical whole and yet at the same time, as they say, he spoke my language. I came away without catchphrases or coherent soundbites, just three pages of scribbled notes - can't afford to forget this, must record it - some photocopies and a changed perspective.

I had wondered whether or not to go, whether I would be out of my depth. Now and again I was but it didn't matter. There's all the time in the world to reflect and ponder. Mostly I was carried along. My colleague, C, had the same reaction. A bonus to have her with me on the long journey home.

I hadn't realised how thirsty I have been for study and to be stretched by a subject that fascinates, in the company of like minded others. There's this sudden craving for learning, an urge to explore and to grow and take a few risks.

Even at nearly sixty. Especially at nearly sixty.

Time to check out some prospectuses, perhaps?


Oh, and Relatively Retiring may recognise the photograph .....


Zhoen said...

There is nothing like being engaged by a passionate teacher.

Sky said...

this post made me miss my own experiences of being in an audience where the speaker intrigues me, moves me, keeps me curious and excited, stimulates my own exploration and journey. what moments in our lives those are! there have been many along the way but none in the past 6 years. i am overdue for another such gift to myself.

i have just learned that here in washington those who are considered seniors (age 60+) may attend classes for auditing purposes at the university of washington free of charge! what a wonderful opportunity to discover new areas of interest and meet interesting, new people!

Relatively Retiring said...

Absolutely! I am lucky enough, at nearly 70, to be involved in on-going training with a group of people whose dedication and passion makes me feel very humble - and constantly challenged!

Oh yes, I used to know that tulip!

mm said...

Zhoen: Absolutely. It was his mind that worked the magic.

Sky: What a great arrangement you have in Washington. I'm realising that these opportunities are indeed gifts.

RR: You were on my mind as I wrote this!