Thursday, March 14, 2013


The back is a bit stronger; the camera has been dusted off; the new PC/printer installed, and there's been a totally satisfying decluttering of my little office. I'm doing more. 

But decades of comfort eating and stress have caught up with me of late, brought to a head by the last three years of opiate painkillers for the back and glucose energy drinks.  Plus a couple of courses of antibiotics for good measure.  Grappling with some horribly tenacious digestive issues and a very inflamed and temperamental gut which triggers migraine-like headaches.  (If you're reading this and you're prone to both stress and overdoing the sugar, don't be like me and think it won't catch up with you ).  The positive news: I've been able to stop the painkillers and hospital tests show nothing dramatically nasty in the stomach.  So for now I'm  living on good quality protein, home made chicken bone broth as recommended by the naturopath I'm seeing, and lots of vegetables, probably the healthiest diet I've been on since mother's milk.   And vitamin supplements plus a probiotic at night. No sugar. No yeast.  No grain.

There has been improvement. But it's taking a long time.  Some days (quite a few actually) are distinctly yukky.


Three weeks of Mercury retrograde finishes this coming Sunday, so maybe more of a sense of movement.   Looking forward to spring. 

Flowers. Daffodils - pale cream this week.   They come to my door each Saturday during the season with the online groceries.  Last week's were an intense egg-yolk yellow, standing straight and resolute in their blue vase.

Taken a few years ago, this one.  National Museum of Wales coffee shop, Cardiff.


Barbara M said...

I originally found you through Ruth Phillips (Meanwhile Here in France) and just now found you through mole.Good to have found you again and to hear your voice!

mm said...

Hello Barbara. Thanks so much for hanging in there. Good to see you.

Dale said...

Oh, hurray!

Sky said...

good news! keep doing the fabulous things you describe. i have got to get up and start moving, even if it hurts. congrats on your positive steps and thanks for the inspiration. hugssssssss.

mm said...

Dale: Thanks :-)
Sky: Lovely to see you again, Sky. Good luck!