Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Shopping Trolley

So I signed up with Freecycle yesterday and decided to submit the 4-wheeled shopping trolley as a test run on the list of Items Offered.  A remnant of my London life, when most weekends I would trundle along with it to Sainsbury's in Balham, it's been cluttering up my porch since I moved in here. Online shopping rules these days chez moi.

Two email replies offering the trolley a home.  Both sound nice, sane, non-psychopathic. I pick the first one and he says he will collect this morning.  I'm in the front garden when he pulls up in the car with the family, a wife and two young girls.  He levers himself slowly out of the driver's seat.  Stocky, fifty-ish, a local accent, he walks with difficulty, using a cane.  He's been very ill he tells me and the doctor has told him to begin taking gentle exercise.  He reckons walking to the local shops would be a good start but he can't carry anything.  The trolley is just what he needs.

I hand it over. I've spent the rest of the day feeling enormously gratified.  Liberated even.  Next on the list, the cat basket.

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