Saturday, May 10, 2014


Let's just say the journey back to health is a slow, tedious but at the same time wild ride.  There are days when I feel pretty good and the sun shines and the birds sing and the daily walks are a pleasure, and days like today when exhaustion rules, the brain is foggy and there is a Black Hole where my solar plexus used to be. This won't last I repeat to myself like a mantra. And I believe/know it won't. It just can't. 

The PC's hard disc crashed a couple of weeks ago and in retrospect I'm glad that most of my photos disappeared.  They weren't very good and the ones that were I'd already put onto Flickr.  Let go, let go, let go.  If I don't then the universe steps in and does it for me.  Happy though that I'm now able to download photos once again.

On days like this I get particular sustenance from colours like this.  Taken yesterday.

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Sky said...

this image is GORGEOUS! don't make it to the blog world too often, but it is such a magnificent treat to find you have left your words when i do!