Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Aspens

Almost all the leaves have fallen from the local aspens in the past week (I keep wanting to refer to them as "my" aspens I feel so bonded to them).  Tall and majestic their nearly-bare silver branches reach high and wide to touch the sky.  My heart lifts when they come into view. 

We slide definitively into autumn, but here at its true onset it is a kind season.  A warm west wind, high clouds and the bluest of blue skies. I generally meet at least one dog walker on my morning walk but today I was almost alone. Just a solitary jogger in the distance on the cycle path alongside the railway.  So I could take  photographs without feeling too conspicuous since I'm shy about snapping in public. 

There has been a shift in my recovery recently. For the better. The details aren't for the blog - at least not yet - but something has changed.  It will still be slow though.  Quietly hopeful.


Relatively Retiring said...

I'm so glad to hear this about your recovery. I have also had a sudden indefinable shift after seven months of awfulness. Take care!

mm said...

Oh RR I'm so pleased. Long may the shifts continue!

Leslee said...

So glad to hear things are shifting in the right direction - for you both! Happy Autumn!

mm said...

Leslee: Thank you. And to you too.

Btw, I'm still leaving comments on your blog which seem still to vanish. I'm assuming they're going into your spam folder like before? Technology - who needs it? :-)

Sabine said...

I am quietly hopeful for you, too.
Very much so.

It's tricky, I know, and I often don't want to speak about improvements in case I jinx it.

mm said...

Thank you Sabine. x