Saturday, April 26, 2008


8.40 am. Off to work. Time for a quick photo.

Given escalating petrol costs and my disinclination to return to full time work, it's looking increasingly unlikely that I'm going to be able to afford to run a car. It would mean cutting back so drastically in other areas that it's not worth it. And I've never enjoyed driving. And I'm pretty dark green, environmentally speaking.

Two colleagues, K and V, are in the same position. We're lucky in that we all live in town, on bus routes, that we've all got bicycles - and that the topography around here is river-plain flat. Not good for floods but excellent for unfit cyclists.

So V brings up the subject of electric bicycles as a way of going further afield and even negotiating the occasional steep hill. In the face of her enthusiasm I've done a little research on the net. This could be a possibility.


Sky said...

sounds great, but i just worry about those crazy, speeding motorists who are not always paying attention to the roadway. hubby wants to ride one to work, and i cringe imagining his biking up and down our small mountain with a line of vehicles behind him!

i guess i am too old and worry too much!

mm said...

Sky: I take your point. I would never have cycled in London. The attitude of so many of the drivers is just too scary.(Though I knew someone who did - cycling from Tooting in the south to Camden Town in the north and back again every day).

In this town there are cycle paths, including one from outside my house into the centre. I rarely use busy roads. And I've noticed a courtesy of the road between drivers and cyclists in these parts that has removed much of my own fear.

Zhoen said...

No sense working to pay for a car. I wish I didn't need one in this town, want to live somewhere we don't. That's our long-term dream.

Good to see you peeking round the camera.

Dale said...

I've been delighted with my bicycle.

Anonymous said...

I've got a bad knee, and every time I've tried cycling I've paid for it, especially if I've had to ride a lot of hills. I'm in perfect cycle range from work, but I have to tackle hills (not huge ones, but still enough to hurt my knee) to get there and back. I wonder if one of those electric bikes would take enough strain off my knee to work for me? Hmmmm.

mm said...

Zhoen: It may be how more of us live in the future.

Dale: I noticed you've got one too.

Tarakuanyin: Might be worth following up?

winterwood said...

cycling is green and also healthy! well done! I have heard of electric bikes, I wonder if theyre any good? Think of the petrol $$ you will save on.

herhimnbryn said...

Hallo there, you green/fit personage!
Wish it was flat here, far too many hills!

mm said...

WW: the money is certainly an incentive ...:-)

HHB: But you walk a lot?