Friday, May 23, 2008


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A photograph taken this week on the regular morning walk/commute. It's amazing I make it to work at all these days.


Two male blackbirds perched a hundred yards apart, sing out piercingly beautiful warnings to each other. Stay away. Stay away.


The electrician in the office takes his time, working steadily and methodically. He pauses for a moment to chat and asks about plans for the weekend. I stop what I am doing to reply. There's no hurry.


V, wearing a green jacket to go with her Irish lilt, brings me an armful of flowers from the farmers' market as a birthday surprise. I'd mentioned to her in passing a few days ago how much I liked that particular flower stall. Unkempt and wonderfully imperfect blossoms, redolent of another era, so different from the tidy bouquets in the florists. The tansies and cornflowers - and many others whose names I don't know - in my bunch are plucked in local gardens and tied together with thick, rough string. As best I can, I thank her.


J's eyes are exactly the same shade of dark brown as mine. It's unsettlingly like looking at a male twin. Previously I've been attracted by opposites: men with blue, or grey, or green eyes, the colours of the sea.

I doubt anything will come of it.


Zhoen said...

I love those wild bunches of flowers better than the groomed arrangements.

D's eyes and mine are exactly the same color.

Dale said...

Ah! Having time. It's marvelous. Incredible.

herhimnbryn said...

Happy belated birthday.
Hmmmmm, Brown eyes huh? Who know what will happen?

leslee said...

Sounds like you have *lots* of lovely things to look at. :-) Happy Birthday, mm!

Anonymous said...

My high desert town has emerged from 100 degree (Fahrenheit) days into rain. The view from my patio slider is green and gray, dense, with windblown trees and pale blossoms strew on the grass. It reminds me of your photograph, though there's no lake here. We have had such a strange spring that the pansies are still blooming despite our proximity to June. I feel a little at home today, and your picture made me less homesick than usual.

mm said...

Thank you all. Que sara sara. :-)

Tarakuanyin: I'm so glad. I should have put an explanatory note on the photo. Though the water looks like a lake it is actually the River Wye ....

Sky said...

luscious landscapes en route to work...we are indeed blessed when we live in locations which permit such luxury. :)

well, i say perhaps this is the right one...this brown eyed girl shares eye color with my pretty husband!

starnitesky said...

What a wonderful view you have on your way to work. Time - its great not to be rushing all the time.

Happy belated birthday!

mm said...

Sky/Starnitesky: Thank you both.

Stella said...

Here's a belated wish that you had a wonderful birthday. May many blessings come your way.