Sunday, June 1, 2008

Herb Garden

Lemon balm. A recent gift. I made my first tisane from the leaves the other day. A light, lemony flavour. It won't replace coffee but very pleasant.

Valerian - flower detail. About five feet high as of this morning and growing. For medicinal purposes you'd need to use the root.

Nettle. A so-called weed that grew under the fence from the neighbour's garden. Next year - nettle soup. (This link is particularly good. It seems I've just missed Be Nice to Nettles Week but I think I'm obeying the spirit of it).

Chive. The flower can be used in salads. For me, a bit too much like eating a work of art ....

I'm starting to love my garden, to be excited about it, much more than I ever thought would be the case. To be surprised that the majority of these these plants will grow and flourish in spite of my ignorance and lack of skill. The ones that don't I learn from.

Consider the lilies indeed.


leslee said...

Oh yum! Someday when I have a yard or a large deck I'm going to have an herb garden again. (BTW, I did find an apartment, with a yard no less, but as I won't move until July I haven't inquired about digging an area up for a garden! Maybe next year, though, if I'm happy there and want to stay.)

mm said...

Leslee. Woohoo! That's really good news.

The herbs willl come in their own time :-)

herhimnbryn said...

Have just spent the day gardening and your images enhanced that day even more.

mm said...

HHB: I'm glad. :-)

MB said...

Never had nettle soup. You'll have to report on that one when you do!