Friday, July 25, 2008


She practises weekend mornings.
She clasps her wrist behind her back better to resist the temptation
to guide the ball with a passing hand.
She dances the ball from knee to toe to head to torso.
Repeated, with variations, ad infinitum.
She loses control of the ball.
She keeps her composure.
She retrieves it.
Starts again.
No temper.
No exasperation.
No whoops of delight.
Just focus and concentration.
I hear the bounce as the ball meets the tarmac.
She makes no other sound.

I stop what I am doing and watch.

You may have seen this in which case you'll understand.


Zhoen said...

Such marvelous intensity.

herhimnbryn said...

Beautifully observed mm. And yes, I have seen it and therefore understand:)

Sky said...

oh, yes, i saw it - just wonderful!

oh, i wish my body could do what hers is doing. i have the concentration, but my body doesn't work like that anymore. i would fall on my face!

good for her!

Anonymous said...

My friend played football for years. When he quit smoking two months ago, he needed something to do when the cravings hit, so we both got football shoes and a ball and we've been kicking it around most days. I did it for him, thinking I would hate it, but found I really enjoy it. I can't do the tricks he does (the things you describe here, and more), but I still like watching him, and I really enjoy the feel when I manage to kick the ball straight, with some power. No, I won't be playing in any games, but I understand the girl's enjoyment of the ball. And I loved the movie. Great post.

starnitesky said...

Such dedication. I saw the film and enjoyed it very much.

MB said...

Good movie. Good photo and post, too. :-)

mm said...

Thank everyone. So many have seen the movie!

Tky: I think if you strip away all the crap and money and corruption and egos that surround professional soccer, it is actually a game of great skill and beaut, played at its best. My young neighbour has obviously fallen under its spell.