Friday, December 12, 2008


Running down. Tired. Days till I leave work. Days till Christmas. The cat's special diet for failing kidneys is out of stock till the New Year. The vet and I are working out what to feed him till then. It's OK. We'll manage.

This winter is desperate. No snow but a insistent , threatening cold that we rarely experienced in the city. Heavy frost. Ice that doesn't melt. A sense that darkness and death are not too far away. If the gas and electricity as well as the cat food supplies failed, for example. I live in a modern-ish house with no fireplace. Build a fire in the garden with newspaper and branches foraged from nearby fields and woods. Dismantle the washing machine. No use for it without electricity. We walk a narrow line in the developed world.

The inner drums make excellent braziers. I know someone who has several.


Relatively Retiring said...

Beautiful photograph - such a sad message.
Only a few more days until the earth tips back again. In the meantime, there are still some chair legs for the fire nearby.

Anonymous said...

Hang on in there. Could you eBay/Google for the cat food? Happy to help.

But yes, it's bleak. We've just been walking by the Thames here - never remember it this cold and dank for so long. That strung-out feeling which I recognise all too well.

As RR says, "only a few more days". I'm counting them too.



Dale said...


herhimnbryn said...

(0) dear mm.

mm said...

RR: Not feeling sad really. Just aware as a former townie of how cushioned we are in the 21st century against potentially dangerous elements. Living on the fringes of open country brings it home. Counting the days indeed.

Jan: Ah thanks. The food is only available on prescription via a vet unfortunately. If all else fails I can give him the dry version but as he has had severe bladder problems I am a a little reluctant ....

Dale and HHB: Thank you, both.

Winterwood said...

Poor Kitty hope you find some soloution for him!

I rang my aunt last week in UK and she said no snow but incredible incredibly frosty and cold there.

pohanginapete said...

After the big storm in July I was several days without power, but I cook on bottled gas and have plenty of warm clothing for when I'm in the hills. Living alone has its advantages — there's no pressure to avoid looking ridiculous as one sits reading in a sleeping bag in the middle of the day, hands in fingerless gloves, not much more than eyes and nose visible if anyone did peer in. And of course, if I'd wanted to build a fire outside there was no shortage of firewood after that storm, even if much of it was green.

But I know what you mean about insistent, threatening cold. It's that kind of grim, unrelenting weather that wears one down. Hang in there.

Sit A Spell said...

We lost our cat last yr to this. He was 15 and lived a good life...we rescued him as a dying kitten.

We have finally risen above freezing and our street of solid ice is melting! Next week is very cold once again, but at least I will be able to drive safely!

mm said...

PP: Fingerless gloves are good. and I agree with you re the advantages of living alone. Imagine not being able to look ridiculous on a regular basis, with or without power! Thanks for the encouragement.

Sit A Spell. Losing an animal is so hard. thanks for the comment and wellcome!