Sunday, December 21, 2008


Too many people on the bus from the airport
Too many holes in the crust of the earth
The planet groans
Every time it registers another birth

But among the reeds and rushes
A baby girl was found
Her eyes as clear as centuries
Her silky hair was brown

Paul Simon
Born at the Right Time

The birth of a child. I'm from a branch of family which is disappearing. No babies. No children. No nephews or neices.

The Winter Solstice, the pagan festival, comes closer. The red of the holly berry on the winter wreath. Pale green hyacinth bud. The joking and banter at the checkout at the local mini-market. Even the office jollifications on Friday. Celebration. Light.

Feeling my way this holiday season with, by choice, far fewer plans than usual. People are coming by but I am not sure who or when. Volunteered for the soup kitchen but they have all the helpers they need. Today I cycle to a solstice celebration in a village hall in the middle of nowhere. The places I go, the people I meet. All new. Everything at the moment is untried. Everything ahead unknown and not without risk and danger. But there are always possibilities.

Solstice. The Sun stands still. Have a blessed and joyful time.


I have Something Understood, on the radio as I awoke, to thank for the reminder of this gem by Paul Simon. Eminently danceable. The complete lyrics are here.


Relatively Retiring said...

Happy Solstice, Happy Christmas, and a Brave New Year!

les said...

Happy Solstice! And yes, a Brave New Year! All the possibilities... May happy surprises await you.

herhimnbryn said...

And to you mm, and to you.

Dale said...

Happy Solstice dear!

Sky said...

happy solstice, happy holidays, happy 2009! may adventures stir your soul and keep you young!

MB said...

You, too! (late)

pohanginapete said...

(Just back in "civilisation" after 3 days in the hills...) Wishing you a joyful and peaceful season. And, I love your recognition of the significance of possibilities.

Cat B said...

Happy Soltice and Happy Christmas! How wonderful to be in a place of such sweet possibility! Wishing you many wondrous adventures.

Winterwood said...

Happy soltice/Xmas and holidays to you there, and thanks for a wonderful blog there! looking forward to another year of stimulating reads here!!

hitchhiker72 said...

'The birth of a child. I'm from a branch of family which is disappearing. No babies. No children. No nephews or neices.'

Me too, mm. But it's okay. Continuity takes on other forms.

Happy new year, mm.

mm said...

Thanks dear commenters. Happy New Year to you all.

And HH72, thanks for the reminder. Sometimes it feels as if I am the only one ..... and of course you are right. Continuity takes other, more subtle forms, as well.