Friday, October 10, 2014

Empty headed

 Empty headed.  Head in the clouds/Clouds in the head. Nothing between the ears.  The spaces inbetween.

This is Sir Edward Elgar's head.  To be more explicit it is part of one of three sheet steel portraits of famous local people, erected alongside the nearby cycle path.  And Sir Edward, a keen cyclist himself apparently, was indeed illustrious and it's fitting that the path passes close to the site of his house on the edge of town.

I'm so pleased I can now walk the fifteen minutes or so to reach this.  The cycle path was opened last year but it's only recently that I've been fit enough to get here. Energy levels are still very up and down depending on the day but on good days it's not a problem.

 I shall return.  These figures plus a camera have a lot of potential.

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