Saturday, October 25, 2014

Oranges and Apples

Found out about the wildly successful career and life (at least on the outside) of a school classmate this morning. She emigrated to the US apparently and has been a publicly recognised mover and shaker in her profession in New York and, latterly, California.  In a way I'm not surprised - she was head girl at school and an academic star from her teens. I knew she would be a success but even so. 

We are the same age and lived in the same street but lost touch decades ago.  She went to university, was a shooting star and I stumbled and spluttered and fizzled out for a good many years. Just survived, in spite of appearances to the contrary.

The immediate reactions to my sister's news were a mixture of wow and gosh and I'm impressed and what on earth have I done to match this. Oranges and apples I say to myself.  Oranges and apples.  But shame and a nagging sense of inferiority still lingers.

But to hell with it, surviving is a huge accomplishment in itself.  Many don't. Once I'm up and about properly I'm going to polish up what I am good at, discover new things, meet new people, get out there and see where I can be useful and what's enjoyable.  I'm going to look at sunsets and talk to my neighbour.  Walk by the river. And learn to crochet.  And even though all that's not possible yet I can still do what I can do.

I've only just begun.  The aim is to be a wildly successful old age pensioner.


Sabine said...

Wildly successful, so you shall be.
Fingers crossed for you.

mm said...

Ah Sabine, thank you ....

Jenny Woolf said...

Comparisons ... They always fall into holes when examined closely. I wonder if she would have written such a nice post as you did.