Thursday, November 20, 2008


Two people in the office, one of whom is me. There should be eight. Staff shortages. Illness. Holidays. The phones don’t stop. Clients arrive at the wrong times for their appointments. Apart from one five minute meltdown in private, automatic pilot takes over. Long hours. Uber-stressed. Dreaming of handing in my notice and living in penury on porridge and baked beans. I feel diminished, powerless, when life shrivels down to just one thing. Work.

And yet. I like to be working for the common good, and this organisation definitely is. To be part of a close team. To have structure. They are a democratic and friendly bunch, no heirarchies. My request for a three day week is, allegedly, on the cards for next spring. It would be sensible to wait and see.


Impossible to even think of anything except work, never mind write it down. Zhoen comes to the rescue with a satisfyingly minimalistic meme.

The sixth photograph from the sixth folder.

A wall. Hmmm.

But what a wall, made of downland flint, inseparable from chalk and created over vast stretches of time on the ocean bed. Flint placed to show the patterning to its best advantage, small pieces of red tile as contrast, set in mortar like so many jewels in velvet.

Taken near Chichester Harbour. Early 2006. A lifetime ago. I’d recently acquired the digital camera .....

If the meme appeals, just run with it.


Winterwood said...

wonderful!minimalist delight - no other words needed.

Dale said...

Oh, I hope work gets better!

Sky said...

this job sounds really appealing when the office is fully staffed. it is difficult to work for a long period with only only a skeleton crew. sending wishes that the part-time work comes to pass in spring. i hope your days off will restore some sense of peace and healing rest to your life.

Zhoen said...

Love the photo, and it really does reflect your current distress. Hitting a wall. Been there so many times, bruises to prove it.

Hang tough for a while.

herhimnbryn said...

Hang in there mm.
The image of the wall took me straight back to family walks on the South Downs in Kent and searching for beautiful pieces of flint.
Yes, you three day week will be good, not long to wait now.

Relatively Retiring said...

I love the contrast of the smooth outer nodule of the flint and the razor-sharp interior when it is broken.
Much philosophical thought could go on here!

mm said...

WW: Thank you both.

Sky: Appealing. In a lot of ways, yes. I have had very happy times in this job, but there are big upheavals going on at the moment. We shall see.

Z: I know you have been there. Thanks.

HHB: Happy memories indeed.

RR: That occurred to me too. :-)