Saturday, December 7, 2013


So it's been grey and stormy (though we inland-dwellers have had it easy compared with those on the coast, many of whom have been flooded out) but today is peaceful and, intermittently, sunny.  In the ongoing decluttering campaign this morning I've thrown out a box of wooden toothpicks and some unusable wrapping paper and ribbon, and have put a pair of salad servers and a random wooden fork in the bag for the charity shop.  Ridiculously satisfying to be doing this; gradually remedying some of the chaos of the past five years when stuff piled up simply because I didn't have the focus or energy to decide what to do with it.   Energy levels are still pretty low and probably will be for months more but in a way this is good; stops any risk of overreaching.   I'm laying the physical foundations for the rest of my life, it's my last chance to do this and the process can't be rushed.  Reconstruction takes time.

Seem to be losing my knack with a camera as well.  Perhaps my hand shakes more than it did.  Fuzzy is the word for most of my recent photographic attempts, but I'm fond of these.

It's Christmas Cactus season.


Dale said...

Yes, I find myself aching to de-clutter, these days!

I would have said (of the photos) soft, not fuzzy. Nothing that feels unclear about them! Lovely.

Relatively Retiring said...

As Dale says - not fuzzy. The word verification here is 'gently'.

mm said...

Thanks both. :-)