Monday, December 23, 2013


Hunkering down. The rain slams against the window as I type this and the strength of the wind is increasing.  A foretaste of the series of storms heading this way from the Atlantic later today.  It's a wild world out there.

A different Christmas but not a downbeat one - a lot of expectations have been shed this year thank heavens.  A warm house, good food, enough money not be too worried about it, at least not all the time. An invitation from a neighbour. A DVD box set to watch.   Best of all in the last few days there's been renewed contact with my oldest friend which seems to have put to rest the nasty falling-out we had in June.  A load off the mind and heart.

Can't get enough of this carol.  Gorgeous a capella singing in Latin by Steeleye Span.  A reminder of non-commercial celebrations down the centuries.

Whatever you are doing (or not), may the coming days be happy and peaceful ones. Merry  Christmas.

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