Wednesday, January 21, 2009


The Bristol Channel and Severn Bridge from north Somerset.

A blustery wind rushed in from the Atlantic. Diffuse light, muted colours, boundaries between sea and sky and land softened. Studies in blue and grey. The Impressionists would have loved it. (In fact Sisley did paint some later landscapes on the opposite side of the water).

If you can see Wales, according to the locals - tongue in cheek - there's rain on the way. If you can't, then it's already raining. Sure enough a few hours after these were taken the heavens opened.


A line is crossed.

Certainties dissolve. Or maybe are distorted by the mists within.


Zhoen said...

Oh, to have obscured air full of water vapor, I just want to come there and breathe.

Relatively Retiring said...

Oh, that's lovely! I have some very special Bristol Channel memories, including being there at the time of the Lynmouth flood disaster.

leslee said...

Beautiful sky, especially in the 2nd one. Lots of uncertainty everywhere.

Just read this elsewhere online, quoting the Tao Te Ching: "Chase after money and security and your heart will never unclench."

Dale said...

Good luck, dear. Trust what you've learned and don't be unduly swayed by what anyone else thinks. You're the smartest person I know.

mm said...

Zhoen: You're welcome any time. There's a spare bed. :-)

RR: The Bristol Channel is part of my story too. We will have to get together and compare notes ...

Leslee: Yes. Thank you for that quotation.

Dale: And thank you. Really. Means a lot.