Monday, January 5, 2009


Should I blog about the new computer and the relief to back and shoulders of not hunching over the laptop and the delight of a proper keyboard? Should I, after watching the news and trying to take in the futility and the suffering? It's the dilemma of personal blogging, the sense that trivia is sometimes just, well, trivia.


A solitary female blackbird pecked at the stiffened crusts of bread. Minus 6 degrees yesterday and the frost seems permanent. Low grey cloud. Rock-like soil. The rasp of the scraping of car windscreens. The cat dozing on the sofa. M did indeed install the new computer. A visitor engenders a flurry of tidying up. I made him two cups of tea - milk, one level teaspoon of sugar - and he polished off the plate of Jaffa cakes.


Saturn transiting 12th house. A stripping down, a melting away.


At one point a robin sang in the rowan tree. The song pierced the silence like an arrow. Clear. Utterly beautiful.


Relatively Retiring said...

Such an eloquent portrait of a Sunday. Part of mine was spent in trying to keep some water ice-free for the birds, and trying to balance that with thoughts of Gaza. Just trying.

pohanginapete said...

I love beautifully written vignettes like these. Food for thought and sheer poetry to boot, especially the last, short paragraph.

herhimnbryn said...

Beautiful, mm.

leslee said...

The "trivia" is where the joy is. Happy new PC and relief from the muscle tension. Sorry about Saturn in the 12th - I found it moving into my 1st to be a great relief, if only because it was then right in my face to confront. Aren't you Virgo rising? Then it'll move out later this year??

Cat B said...

Well, I think we need to celebrate every single small good thing. This is beautiful. Thank you!

Sky said...

your writing here is melodious, giving us our own song. such a treat - thank you.

oh, how i can identify with the "hunching over the laptop" syndrome! enjoy your new desktop computer.

mm said...

RR: You understand. Thanks.

PP: A compliment indeed.

HHB: Thank you.

Leslee: Saturn moves across my Ascendant late September. At the very least it should be interesting .....

Cat B: agree about celebrating the small things. On that particular day though I had qualms.

Sky: I seem to remember that you said you had a laptop. I will use it occasionally for offline stuff but that's all.