Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mouse II

An upsetting Friday at the now very part-time and occasional job. The backwash turned yesterday into something of a convalescence. Rest, light housework, repotting plants. Don't think. Follow a gentle routine. Eat properly. Don't think. Drink water. Let it go. Don't think.

Today, feeling stronger, I summoned up the courage to plug in the vertical mouse.

It works. A bit hypersensitive compared with my old mouse, but we'll get used to each other. Ugly and cumbersome, yes, but who cares. As we all know by now, looks aren't everything.

Mouse control is mainly via the hand and fingers. No twisting of the arm. My biceps brachii are cautiously optimistic. Not to mention the acromioclavicular joint and associated muscles and ligaments.

Better days.


Cat B said...

Sorry for your hard day, mm. Sounds like you found a graceful way out of it. Hugs from across the ocean...

mm said...

Thanks Cat. Gratefully received.

Dale said...

Oh, good!