Monday, January 19, 2009

Gargoyles and a Vertical Mouse

Last Monday the new physio diagnosed chronic RSI in the right shoulder. A consequence of a couple of decades of computer work and faulty posture and seating. The latest chapter in an ongoing saga. Remedial exercises three times a day and a course of ultrasound (thank god for the NHS) are prescribed. Most important of all, a limit - a drastic one - on computer time, certainly until the vertical mouse, now on order, arrives. Never heard of a vertical mouse? Neither had I.

Just as well you've stopped full time office work, she said. Lucky too that the injury doesn't much affect the range of movements needed for massage.

I'll be blogging and reading what I can, when I can. Ditto commenting. Want to do more and frustrated that it isn't possible. Face to face with my own limitations yet again - something I resist and resist - and a reminder that no-one (including, especially, me) can do everything and be everywhere.

Strange, I find, how driven behaviour patterns crop up everywhere, including in cyberspace. Laugh at them and they dissolve. But only for a while. They return and sit on your shoulder, whispering in your ear until you laugh and shrug them off. Again. Grotesque, comical gargoyles.

But I will catch up with the blogreading. In due course. Promise.


Zhoen said...

Nice mouse.

The habits leave trails and ruts, and we fall in so easily. Here's to bushwacking.

Take your time, do what you most want to.

Cat B said...

Oh, gosh, mm, I have exactly the same thing—too many years of drawing and doing stuff on the computer. I didn't know about a vertical mouse, so thanks for that. And also for the nudge. I've been ignoring this, not a good idea. Off to physio for me now.

Anonymous said...

Good luck, hang on in there. Thinking of you.


Dale said...


leslee said...

Ach, sorry for your continued RSI. Hope it heals well. Take care of yourself.

I've used a trackball for many years for my home PC. I don't know if it's better than mousing, but I like the feel of where my hand rests with it. I don't think the mouse at work bothers me, particularly, though. Fortunately. I'd check out that vertical mouse if it did.

Relatively Retiring said...

So sorry to hear of the continuing problems. I think I was out photographing gargoyles while you were writing about them. They are actually very functional objects, protecting the main structure, so don't be too hard on yours!

Winterwood said...

same prob - with limiting net time and associated frustrations!! only with me its on going headaches and eye problems. But with limiting time online I am still managing to play and read and blog!

mm said...

Thanks all. Very much.

Cat B: Yup, get it looked at early. I wish now I hadn't let my symptoms drag on for too many years. Good luck!

Sky said...

add me to the list, too! right shoulder pain - yikes! laptop mouse makes me move my arm tightly across my body and pulls my shoulder. i do better using a wireless mouse than trying to use the trackpad mouse built into the laptop.

feel better soon and enjoy the freedom! sometimes our habits are not so good for us! :) this computer junkie friend understands.

herhimnbryn said...

What a sensible thing, the vertical mouse.

As always, I say look after yourself and the rest of life's niggles can be faced with equanimity.

mm said...

Sky: I'm trying to compromise with short posts.

HHB: Isn't the mouse the most sensible invention ever? Why aren't we all using them?

Nadine Smith said...

Trying to catch up myself. Nice to see you're still out there in the blogosphere!